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A quick introduction and a warm welcome to ECA. English Castles Awards was born in January 2021 because for many years there was a lack of castle activities on the ham bands from this country. It became increasingly difficult and very frustrating for dedicated castle activators to obtain references. A working awards scheme with good communication was not available.

My name is Bob and my callsign is MØMJA. English Castles Awards founder, awards creator/manager, ECA reference list creator/manager and of course, ECA activator. I am also the World Castles Awards Coordinator for England.

To begin with I must say a big thank you to all the activators in the field, they spend their spare time much like I do activating castles and other areas of interest. Also to all the award hunters creating the pile ups that keep us all going back for more. Without both of these our awards program would be impossible, so well done to everyone!

A big thanks must also go to my friend Vlad Chernego UA1CIO, World Castles Awards reference list manager amongst many other duties, thank you for your help Vlad!

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