Reference Map

The Official ECA Map

Below is the Official English Castles Awards (ECA) map of references. We would like to thank Nick 2E0NAQ for all his help and hard work assisting us in getting this done.

The ECA map is an on going project the same as the ECA reference list. References will get added or replaced over time, meaning the map is subject to change and/or update when necessary. For activators using the “default” map view will allow the user to see if they are located on a National Park or AONB to assist with multi reference activations involving other awards programs.

For questions, queries and corrections please contact our map manager Nick Barnard,2E0NAQ via email

Reference Lists

There are a few ways to obtain a list of references for England and also the rest of the world please see below.

Up To date Excel spreadsheet files are available below, you can also obtain a reference list via email.



Please include your name, callsign and that you require the reference list file.

Adding References

At this moment in time 1st September 2022 there are currently 3666 references! Any possible or potential additions must be sent to Bob MØMJA for identification and checking before they can be added to the WCA/ECA G List or the ECA reference map.

References only get updated once per year at the end of January. You must send details of any potential new references to the following email address in good time before January 31st, with your callsign and the word “Reference” in the subject line of your email. Your email should include the name of the references you would like checking for inclusion and any relevent information, for example maps, website links and co-ordinates. Details will be checked and all being well the reference/s will be added. They are valid once they appear on the Official ECA Reference Map.

ECA/WCA Activations

Follow the links for more information.

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