Reference Map

ECA Reference Map

Below you will find the Official ECA Reference Map. When zoomed in you will see all the 1km activation zones around the references. The user can turn off regions of no interest by accessing the side menu and unticking the regions they don’t wish to view. Clicking on a reference number or name from the legend will take you to that reference on the map and visa versa.

You can also use this map with Google Earth and any other .kmz viewer. Simply download the maps .kmz file below to a mobile device or pc. After downloading, open the file with Google Earth or a similar application.

.Kmz Files

Below is a complete set of .kmz files. You may download the .kmz files below for use with Google Earth and other .Kmz viewers like GeoTracker. There are 6 files in total the first being the largest with all references in all areas. Regional files for the South West, South East, Midlands, North East & North West are available also.

*Thank you to Carl M0ICR for creating these .kmz files.

Reference Lists

Up To date Excel spreadsheet files are available below.

WCA World Reference List

*As of January 2023 there are currently over 3700 references across the whole of England. There are no plans to add any further references at this time.

ECA/WCA Activations

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