Uploading Logs (Activators)

Activator logs must be uploaded to various places for the contacts to be valid for chasers and activators.

It would be wrong and very unfair if they were not uploaded because the reference would not be credited to the hunters awards that took the time and made the effort to make your activation a success! You also would not be credited the points towards your activator awards.

In an effort to keep these uploads as simple as possible with the least amount of mistakes please send your logs in .adi format to the log manager Melanie with your callsign, the ECA reference number/s separated by commas, if more than one reference has been activated at the same time, plus the date of your activation in the subject line of your email. Melanie will take care of the uploads to the WCA database and also to the ECA awards service. Please send your log to…..


You will receive a message letting you know your log has been received. Please allow 24 hours for your log/s to be uploaded however it would usually be quicker.

See the example email below.

Callsign, Reference Number/s & Date In Subject Line Of Email.

ECA/WCA Activations

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