English Castles Awards

English Castles Awards (ECA) is an amateur radio awards program for activators and chasers activating COTA, Castles On The Air in England amongst other historical sites.

As an integral part of WCA, World Castles Awards we are dedicated to promoting England’s long history of castles, forts, stately homes, monuments, current and historic medieval sites including other fortifications via amateur radio.

There is an immense amount of fun to be had putting England’s Castles and historic sites on the air for portable operators who are activating ECA references in this awards program and for the award chasers at home. Enjoy yourself and your time on the radio by collecting English Castles Awards as well as working towards your World Castles Awards at the same time.

Keep an eye on the latest English Castles Awards and World Castles Awards activities below. You can also join the English Castles Awards Facebook group essential for all hunters and activators.

Take a look at our fabulous English Lighthouse Awards program. There has always been something special about activating and chasing Englands lighthouses!

73 Bob, MØMJA.

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